Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Camping, and SMOOOORES

This post is LONG overdue, b/c I just resized the photo and got around to it...but that wonderful smore is from our camping trip we all took in April. So fun, and Ray (Canadian) had never had a smore!

OMG, so I totally had to show him how to make one, and he loved them! :)

Curtis Stone @ SLT

OMG, we had Curtis Stone at SLT this past Saturday for a book signing. He's SOOOO DREAMY! :)

If you wanna' see all my pics, go here.

Closet re-org

Oh, Costco...you with your 50 black velvet lined hangers for $15/box, and the Dollar Tree w/ $1/box shoeboxes...You started this whole revolution! I attacked my master closet this weekend:

Just gotta' place the shoe pics on each box, and I'm done. Y'all know this makes me happy. :)

Garlic confit

In my Susan Spicer cookbook, Crescent City Cooking, she calls for her galic confit in her white bean hummus recipe. I usually just cheat and blitz raw garlic in the food processor along w/ the other ingredients. It still tastes good, but I'm sure it was missing that roasted garlic flavor. So, I still wanted to try it the right way. So, I prepared the confit Sunday afternoon while I was reorganizing my master closet.

You start with garlic, olive oil, white wine, bit of water, and some herbs. (I didn't have fresh, so I had to use jar thyme.) :( Simmer on the stove for about an hour until it looks roasty-toasty-yummy.

Strain the garlic from the oil, separate, and refrigerate. You'll need to bring the olive oil back to room temp before use, but it sure smelled GOOD! I plan on making the white bean hummus this week and will report back! :)
Pretty. :)

Eatzi's on a Friday night

Oh Eatzi's 9pm markdown, how I love you so...you are quite the deal about town! 2 bread boules, 2 packs of sushi, and 2 salads: $23 bucks!

Try it sometime.