Thursday, June 18, 2009

Squash...well, fried, of course!

Okay y'all, I got REAL country this past Monday night and made fried zuchinni! Thanks to my Dallas Farmers Mkt bounty, coupled w/ a co-workers garden shares, I did green zuchinni and yellow squash!

My good ole' Le Creuset buffet casserole piece was perfect for this lil' jobby. It's also my fave far! :)

Prep, frying, and yummy goodness I brought to the office the next day to share.

Farmer's Mkt bags, will they work?

CHERRIES! Finally, got some this past Sunday. Been munching on them all week! I also got corn, okra, brussel sprouts, and squash. Even though I buy fresh just about every weekend, I sometimes forget what's hangin' out in my crisper drawers, and my beautiful goodies go bad. :(
So, I've decided to try these Debbie Meyer Green Bags I've been hearing all about (PS - you can buy them at Walgreen's in the "As Seen on TV" section!) So far my goodies have been in the fridge for 4 days...I will report back. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 the new Breville Smart Oven!

Okay, so I made pizza last night in my new toaster oven - so YUM! I also baked two 9" cakes for a raspberry double-layer cake I brought to work today, but no pics of that, sorry.

Mixin' tha' dough & finished product .

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shani's chicken fajita pita from Jack's

Okay, dang, want some lettuce with that pita there Shaneh-neh? lol We just had to capture this craziness!

Another new toy...gotta' love those Breville folks

My Breville® Stainless Steel Smart Oven™ ROCKS YOUR SOCKS!

I'd been saving up for this lil' diddy. It's perfect for when you don't want to heat up the whole kitchen by turning on your reg oven. Like, May - Sept here in Texas! lol It's oversized, so it will fit a 12" pizza, and came w/ a pizza pan, and broiling pan!

I used it for the first time last night and made roasted chicken in like 15 mins. Did I mention it's convection??? :) And did I mention that it fits nicely on a shelf inside my tall pantry cabinet, and there's a plug-in inside the pantry. So, I can hide it away and it doesn't take up counter space - genius!

I LOVE-LOVE it. I will make more things, and report back.

Black vs. rasp berries

Farmer's Mkt Report:

Blackberies, yum.
Raspberries, still a bit too tart.
Bing cherries, sadly, everyone was out. I settled for the Ranier variety.

CORN! I "copied" Paul's Roasted Corn cup, by shucking, boiling, and shaving my own corn, and adding low-fat marg, shaker parm cheese, and about a tablespoon of low-fat mayo - mix it up! OMG, if you've never had this amazing treat from Paul's stand, you can make this less guilty version at home. Just as good!

Saturday, in the park

(But it wasn't yet the fouth of July). :)

I took Frankie to the park this past Sat. She is a MEAN squirrel chaser, and LOVES the park! Here she is up on her hind legs like a meerkat, searching out her next attack. ;)
Also went by my friend Brandi's garage/estate sale. She's selling her home in Oak Cliff/Winnetka Heights, and it's SO cute! Here's 1 pick I snapped of her adorably cute art/deco kitchen. Check out that stove - loves it! :)

Karaoke shenanigans - round 3

Not much proof of the shenanigans, let's just say there was singing of the Jack's "Mini Sirloin Burgers" to the drive thru attendant, Dewayne. Oh, yes, there was. The whole song! :)

So fun - thanks friends for letting me let loose. :)

Oh, and there was also this from Ray, which may explain some of the topics of convo around the table that evening (click to enlarge pic):

Heirloom tomatoes at Central Market!

I'd seen a recipe for an heirloom tomato salad last Fall in one of my Bon Appetit mags. I couldn't get heirloom tomatoes off my mind. One prob...don't really like the idea of a buncha' tomatoes in a salad. Solution? Make it a pizza w/ basil and goat cheese! Other problem: don't have time to make the pizza dough and let it rise for an hour. Solution? Slap that shit down on some Pilsbury Grands biscuits cut in 1/2 and pressed together!
Voila! Good enuff to eat! :)

Green Papaya

Oh, HOW I love you Green Papaya vietnamese cuisine...SO good! The peanut sauce is orgasmic, and I make meals out of their super-fresh rice paper spring rolls and pho soup! :)

Run, go get'chu some!

Funky clouds

Just funky...that's all.

Daycare Dog of the Month! (May)

My "bean" won! lol She got a free "The Works" bath, which I'm sure she loved (read: hated). But hey, one less I have to do! :)

Thank you City Vet peeps at The Dog Lofts!