Friday, November 6, 2009

Comfort foods.

Last week I really had a hankerin' for something simple...simple, good ole' protein, no veggie, I just wanted starch. (Hey, the noodles are 99% fat free, so it's not that bad!) :)

And I came back to something my mom used to make me all the time as a kid: "No Yolks" noodles w/ butter, and plain old Kraft parmesan powdered cheese! Put your fancy parmigiano reggiano shredded stuff away. No sir!

Here's what ya' need:
1 pkg No Yolks broad noodles
2 Tbs butter
1 Tbs EVOO
3/4 cup powdered Kraft parmesan cheese
pinch of salt, pepper, and dried parsley

Just cook up your noodles, drain, add butter and EVOO while the pan is still hot, dump your noodles back in, dump in the cheese, s&p, and parsley, and start mixing up. You will actually notice as the powdered cheese coats the noodles, it MELTS - yes, melts!

This is the most fabulous simple noodle dish ever. My mom always made it for me, and I prefered it any day to Kraft mac n' cheese! :)


  1. Looks delish - whish you posted the point count!

  2. OK. I'm finally caught back up.
    Luv ya,
    Your most loyal reader...