Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Okay, so my friend Kanita came over the other night to help me FINALLY paint my 2 bathrooms, in order to get ready for company I had this past weekend. Athena came along to keep us company for a bit, and to organize her purse. THIS was the contents of her purse!

Can you IMAGINE??? OMG, we almost died of laughter and disbelief when she got it all out and organized into piles on my dining room table! lol

I mean, she had bandanges, medical tape, about 50 pens, prescriptions, like $100 in change and small bills, granola bars, tons of lotions/potions, couple boxes of cigs, several hand sanitizers, loads of candy, and THREE clementine oranges! WTF!? lol It was nuts - oh, I think she had some of those in there too!

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