Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cute new fall bag.

SO...of course it's always dangerous 2 go in2 DSW, right? Well, I was on a mission 4 new athletic shoes 4 my Zumba class...gawd knows I needed a pair, as my others were 3 years old!

Well, the plan was 2 go in2 DSW w/ blinders on, & head straight back 2 the clearance. Yeah, that didn't happen! On the way I eyed this supple, eggplant colored Cole Haan suede bag. It was marked down 70% off - the deepest discount DSW gives! How could I resist?

The bag is still available on Cole Haan's website, marked down to $189.95, from $375! And I STILL got it at $60 - now, THAT'S a Sparkstein special! ;)

So, $60 & no athletic shoes later...I left the store w/ this lil' gem. *sigh* All in a day's work. HEY, Fat Girls love their shoes and handbags, b/c our feet mostly stay the same, and handbags fit errrbody! :)


  1. So I guess it should go on eBay lol

  2. Kerrie, this entry is so cute. Oh, and you need to buy some shoes! 3 years? WTF?