Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re-branding the blog.

Okay kids, after much self-debate, and feedback, I've gone back to the drawing board, and decided to change the branding (identity) of my blog to "Food*Sparks". The idea being it combines me w/ my fave thing, food - mostly that I love to cook food and entertain. And food 'sparks' conversation, debate, excursions, passion, therapy, etc.

AND everyone didn't necessarily understand the inside joke of the previous name. Mostly I got this:

"Now, why is it called 'I have a coupon for that', and why are you 'Ms. Sparkstein-Whoreowitz' when it's mostly about food?" haha

So, hence the change, it just seems more fitting. Now go and update your bookmarks, your favorites, your Google Reader (if you don't do this already to keep up w/ your fave websites and blogs, just DO IT, you'll love it!) And THANK YOU so much for all of your comments and support - I love that you read it! :)

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