Monday, December 14, 2009

Neiman Marcus Holiday Brunch

If you live in Dallas, and have never gone to the annual Neiman Marcus Holiday Brunch in The Zodiac restaurant at the downtown NM location...well, then, you haven't lived!

I've gone a few times in the past, and this year I wanted to start a tradition of taking the day off work, and enjoying the brunch w/ some available friends.

I give you, glutony, glee, the cold bar, the hot bar, themed desserts, roast beef and horseradish sauce, tiny ice cream cones, amuse-bouche chicken broth, the meat sweats, salads and sauces divine, and did I mention roast beef?

Treat yourself Dallasites. It is an indulgence at $30/person, but it's ONCE A YEAR, and it's some of the best holiday food you'll ever have, that YOU didn't have to prepare! :) They're still taking reservations, thru Dec. 23rd, I believe.

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