Friday, December 18, 2009

Sickie-poo's Day 4

So the sinus pressure has finally gone down & my eyes aren't running & I'm not sneezing nearly as much - which is good, cuz I ran outta' my Puffs Plus w/ lotion & Vick's IN the tissue the night before. Those tissues are life-changing when U can't breathe, try 'em.

But, I was losing my voice b/c I coughed mostly thru the nite, which sucked, & I had some stuffiness return. Not good. :o( So, I was out 4 another day, rounding out the week.

About mid-afternoon, I thought, "Well, those Christmas gift baskets aren't gonna make themselves!". So, I started baking cookies & making fudge. It felt nice to be up & mobile!

Here I'm making my Aunt Sharon Kay's famous sugar cookies, which are thin & crunchy, like crackers...soo good! The dough does not have to be refrigerated & rolled out beforehand, which I love. You simply roll small balls (I used a small mechanical ice cream scoop), then coat the bottom of a glass w/ butter, dip in sugar, press each cookie & and twist. U do this for each cookie. They come out so light & crisp! You can see the choc/PB fudge in the background there as well - all done in micro, supa easy & fast.

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