Friday, December 18, 2009

Sickie-poo's Day 2.

Needless 2 say, the taco soup was a good dinner, but did not deter the germies one bit. I found myself laid out on the couch Wednesday, wishing I could pop off my head, rinse it out, & put it back on. The sinus pressure was ungodly, & I was mostly immovable from the sofa.

Then the Dr.'s office called back, & I had 2 head out 2 Walgreen's 4 a diff OTC med. I went in all my pajama's & house shoes glory - oh yes I did!

And while I was out, no make-up & all, I picked up my FAVE pizza from Grimaldi's, margherita w/ pepperoni. I was over the taco soup, having had it again 4 lunch, & I blame all the NYC pizzeria/foodie shows on the Travel channel that day! Lol

Dear God, jst look @ that cheesy masterpiece! U gotta click on the folded slice close up 4 the larger's just 2 good! When I'm sick, I def go 4 comfort foods! Grimaldi's is so yum...fell in love w/ it in Brooklyn, & so glad we have the chain here now. :o)

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