Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ode to the rotisserie chicken

Oh rotisserie chicken (pref lemon rosemary), how I love you and your versatility.

When I'm at a loss for something to eat, I go to my fave back-up, which is a rotisserie chicken from Albertson's. Now, they do that meal deal where you get a bag w/ a chicken, 4 King's Hawaiian rolls (OMG, how good are they?), and either a pound of potato salad, macaroni salad, or fried potato wedges for like $8. Pretty good deal, 'eh? I myself get the potato wedges, even though I shouldn't...but I only allow myself to eat the 4-5 I can woof down between Albertson's and my place (about 10 blocks), and then I give the rest of the bag over to the valet guys in the garage. That way I feel a lil' satisfied, and I've also passed on the love. :)

Last night I immediately cut a chunk of the chicken breast w/ all the seasonings and shredded it onto a salad w/ this yummy new Kraft Light dressing I found: Asian Toasted Sesame. It was pretty yummy w/ some tomatoes and avocado. I've tossed the remainder of the chicken in the fridge, where I will retrieve it this evening and pull every last piece of chick-chick from it by hand, and either make a pasta dish or casserole out of it. Oooh, chicken enchiladas are calling! :) (If it were Fall/Winter, I'd make homeade chicken noodle soup w/ egg noodes, celery, carrots, and green onions!)

Dessert? Yogi-Licious will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Listen to me people, RUN OUT and get some (Mondrian @ City Place in West Village)! Over 12 flavors of fro-yo and TONS of toppings - I myself get mango, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, mini yogurt chips, and mochi (tapioca gummies). The yogurt is really low in calories, and it's great loaded w/ fruit. I eat it at least twice a week! lol

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