Friday, March 13, 2009

I finally got me one of them there blog thangy's...

Okay, so, I'm taking the plunge - but I'm not making any promises. I was never one of those little girls w/ a diary, ruby satin shoes, and fuzzy headed pencils (well, okay, maybe a few - thank you Sanrio).

But here you will find a potpourri of offerings from me, including but not limited to:

Questions of life
Foodie fodder
Where to find the best deals - on anything! - and where you can get a coupon for it (I probably have one you can have). ;)
General slander and foot-in-mouth moments/proposals
Reviews of books, movies, people, tragic hot-mess folks, etc.

I make no excuses, and no apologies people, everything is up for grabs! Read, enjoy, and protest at your own risk! :)

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