Monday, March 16, 2009

What's in a blog name?

Ahh, the name, the name, what's up w/ the 'About Me' name? In case you're wondering where "Ms. Sparkstein-Whoreowitz" came from, I inherited it, a' la David Presta! :) I have a knack for finding bargains, and knowing where the best deals are, and on top of that, I'm also likely to have a coupon I will also put into play. (Hence the name of the blog itself). So, Mr. Presta knighted me "Sparkstein" (Disclaimer: I am making NO affiliations here w/ any religious faction, nor am I condoning the like - make your own assumptions, and draw your own conclusions at your own will!). :)

So, I decided to use the name, and to be more authentic, I needed something that was hyphenated to go along w/ it. Hence the play on "Horowitz". Hey, a girl can dream.

And a snippet from one of my fave W&G episodes that contained this sequence:
Glenn Close: "Oh, you're Jewish!"
Debra Messing (Grace): "How'd you know that?"
Glenn Close: "Cheap underwear!"

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