Thursday, April 30, 2009

Idol Top 5 & Lasagna

Sooo, last night was the top 5, and we saw Adam in the bottom 2 - *gasp*! Oh, whatever, he's such a showy queen, he'll do just fine. And here's a before pic of the lasagna...and sadly, I didn't remember to take an after when it came out of the oven, b/c we devoured it like pigs! :)

I made this with 93/7 lean ground beef, chicken/turkey/spinach sausage, ricotta w/ mozz and parm mixed in, and turkey peperoni (seen on top). I admit the red sauce was a few jars of what I had around, but I threw about a 1/3 bottle of cab-sav in it, and about a cup of milk to cut the acidity - make it more like a pomodoro sauce. It was a total experiement, and I think it was a success! :) Ben and David brought a nice big salad to go along w/ it, and I sliced up some potato-rosemary bread I grabbed at Albertson's, and topped with EVOO and grated parm, and broiled it in the oven. Rick and Steve brought a really yummy strawberry cake for dessert. We feasted like Kings (trust me, the pan weighed in at about 15lbs - I kid you not! Well, it is a Mario Batali enamel coated cast iron pan, but still!) lol

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