Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay, on to a diff kind of sushi, SHOE-shi. OMG...I SO WANTED this pair of Coach platforms at the new Nordstrom Rack that opened at ParkLane this weekend. So much so that I toted them around the store for about 2 hours, trying to justify the purchase, at a whopping deal of $119 for the pair. So, I toted, and doted, and dillied and dallied, and ultimately decided I should put them back and save my money (besides, the too-cute lil' gold buckles on the straps totally hurt the tops of my toesies after I wore them around for a bit).

So, with a pout on my face, I put them back on the rack, and promptly went out to my car, drove across the street to NorthPark Center, and plopped down more money than the above on M.A.C. make-up! (Go see Joel - pronounced Joe-ehl - at the Nordstrom M.A.C. - love him!) Oh, the sacrifices we women make for the greater good...

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