Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitchen Re-org

(pic sux, sorry)
FINALLY, I reorganized my kitchen by taking all my pots and pans out of the cabinets and arranging them, SLT style, on my Metro shelves in my pantry off the kitchen. I don't know why I didn't think of this before! I mean, hello, it's how we have things arranged in the SLT store! I do it every Sunday during floorset! lol

So, I put all bakers on one shelf, all Le Creuset on another, all mixing bowls together, and then tri-ply pans (All-Clad and such) together, and serving trays on the bottom shelf, and serving bowls on the top. I LOVE IT. It makes so much sense to me now. Now I have all the 'uglies', like plastics and baking pans, etc., hidden away nicely in the pantry cabinets. And I left a lovely space in my long cabinet for my lovely Breville convection toaster oven I've been coveting. I've got a perfect shelf to put it on, and there's a plug-in inside my pantry - perfect! :)

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