Thursday, July 9, 2009

ANOTHER sign that Fall is coming...

School SUPPLIES on the shelves! :)

Stopped into Wal-Green's last night and there were school supplies everywhere! Hmmm, seems a bit early to me. But I do remem as a kid when I'd see the supplies go out on the shelves I'd want to run in the other direction screaming, "But it's still Suuuummmmerrrr!" lol
But it does offer me some hope, first pumpkins, now this. Even if the heat index is approaching 105 today...ehhhk.
Look at all that yellow towards the bottom shelf there...Crayola, baby! Remember you were the cool kid if you had the box of 64 w/ the SHARPENER in the back??? Aww, hell's yeah! And the kids who had the "Rose-Art" crayons you felt sorry for..."cheap brand". Gawd, we were judgy lil' shits, weren't we? lol


  1. I thought the SAME thing tonight when I was walgreens. Coveting a new pack of crayola markers. Thinking they will be cheaper at Target, though.

  2. Nuthin' like new markers and crayons, man! :)