Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phoenix eats.

Matt's Big Breakfast in Phoenix, AZ, is a must visit. Written up in Bon Appetit as one of the best places for brunch, it did not disappoint. It's open from 6:30am-2:30pm, and breakfast/brunch is their specialty, although they offer some nice sandwiches as well.

When I visited Mark & David last week in PHX, I insisted we hit up this small diner - and SMALL it is! Matt's seats about 25 ppl, max! Even Bon Appetit encouraged arriving early, and warned of long waits. Luckily, with us going on an off Friday morning, and the heat being what it was, we only had to wait outside for about 15 mins.

Mark and I both had the Wisconsin cheddar omlet, mine with bacon, and Mark's with bacon and peppers. The home fries were perfect, both soft and flaky on the inside with crispy edges. David had the BLT served on half inch thick sourdough, and the pasta salad. We all had their honey lemonade, which was the perfect amount of sweetness, very refreshing.

Matt and Erenia are the owners, and Erenia herself waited on our table several times (everyone waits on you as they pass by, busy as it was. lol). On her last swing by I told her we were there b/c of the write-up in Bon Appetit, and once she found out Mark and David were locals and it took an "outsider" to get them to her restaurant, David got a good "momma smack" to the back of his neck! It was hilarious.
Mark's omlet at left, David eating his BLT at top. Yes, that's real Heinz ketchup in the glass bottle on the table...I LOVE to see that at brunch-y restaurants!

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