Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do Not "Set" Children In Window...Adults Do Not Lay In Window!

Tootling around the Cliff this past weekend, I was swayed by Ben and David to try a 'meat and taters' establishment that's one of O.C.'s longtime destinations. "What, you haven't had Charco Broiler's!? They've got a $10 prime rib!" I give you my meal and fixin's, oh, and their legendary mascot (sorry for the blurry shot of my bacon wrapped filet, loaded baked potato and TX toast...getting used to my new Crackberry - I see it also changes the format of the picks. Oh well.)

After this glorious meal, Avi mumbled something about a sno-cone and off we were to yet another infamous O.C. establishment, Aunt Stelle's Sno Cone! Oh, and she's got rules!

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  1. Ok Sparks....when are you going to start taking pics BEFORE you eat the food?? These half eaten pics are not quite doing the food justice!