Monday, August 24, 2009

Central 214 the whole kit & caboodle!

There was some yummy AND naughty food 2 B had @ Central 214. The atmosphere was a bit hectic & it seemed @ times that the restaurant crew was somewhat "in the weeds". But that most certainly could have been due 2 the fact that filming for The Naughty Kitchen, (premiering this Fall on the Oxygen network), was going on during the busiest week of the year for Dallas chefs & restaurateurs!

I counted no less than 3 camera guys, a few audio/grip guys, a few production peeps & a boom mic operator (gawd their arms must hurt!)

Everything had good flavor...we especially loved the pimento cheese & smoked trout spreads that came w/ the bread...SO good! I'm uploading these from my Crackberry, so the descrips may B out of order, but you'll drool all the same. :o)

Fried green tomato, Maytag bleu cheese wedge salad, roasted chick w/ gb's, ribs w/ beans & cole slaw, grilled scallops, strip steak w/ peach & mixed greens, choc trifle cake, peach turnover, bread w/ spreads & chef Blythe shooting table interviews.

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