Thursday, August 6, 2009

East Texas...c'td.

Shawn had heard about this lil' cafe in Edom, TX, called 'The Shed' we set the navigation, and on the road we were again. Edom is about 40 miles from Terrell, just after you pass thru Canton, TX (good idea to set up an East TX trip when it's Canton's First Monday Trade Days - kill several birds w/ one stone!)

There were so many great treasures to be found in Edom, as well as Ben Wheeler, TX, which is 8 miles before you reach Edom...pull over in these tiny towns, there are treasures to be had! More about those in the next post. :)

(l-r): Ben and the menu - sign behind him says 'whole pies $13.99'...and lemme' tell ya', they got pies! The list there has about 20 diff kinds of pies, and cobblers, and brownies, etc. I had the buttermilk pie and it was really good. Kanita poses w/ our lovely waitress.

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