Monday, January 11, 2010

I think I've got this pizza thing down.

So, I wanted to use up the marinara & basil I had from last week when I jumped into this pizza making mode, and I had one more dough ball from Jimmy's in the freezer calling my name.  This time I made a big pizza, so I could fold the pieces in half, New York style.  :)

I have to say, this pizza is relatively healthy, considering it's got turkey pepperoni on it.  I'll have to see how bad the fresh mozz is, but it's coniderably less quanitity than a normal pizza as it doesn't cover it entirely even when melted, and isn't oozing off each slice.  This pizza is not oily at all.  I brush the outer crust w/ a little EVOO before putting it in the oven, but that's it.

Wait, lemme' see that again...

I am obsessed.  :)

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