Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All in a day's work.

You know, I don't usually mix biz w/ pleasure & choose not to talk much about work on here or my Facebook. But a lot of people, including some of my friends, are always asking, "What is it you do again?"

Being a Communications Coordinator can mean a lot things, & things I do in my every day pretty much run the whole gamut. But I usually sum it up by saying I handle all the print & e-media.

Well, the print side of things, specifically a magazine we produce in-house that I'm art director over, is what encompasses @ least 50% of my time. And I guess I'd have 2 say it's my baby. I took it under my wing when I first came on 7 years ago, when it was just a lil' newsletter pup of about 20 pages, & only a 2-color format! I even sold the advertising for it for 5 years. And over the years we've massaged it into a 60-page full color magazine that's published by an outside company I work very closely with. I have an amazing editorial team & publications committee that make the content so great!

So today when we sat down for a mtg & I had tagged the current issue to the wall, I thought it would be a great image to share...b/c what's on the wall is 1/2 of what I do! Oh & the 2nd image is our fall '09 issue up against DMag's...both covered the new Dallas Arts District. Of course I thought ours was better...but I'm partial to my baby. :o)

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