Monday, February 15, 2010


Fri: So after we hung at the house all day with drinking and debauchery abounding, we met up with Kelly and Rich to eat at AZ/88 in the Old Town part of Scottsdale.  Now, I've been to AZ/88 before.  It's a very hip/trendy, yet small restaurant.  They're known for great martini's, and simple foods like their grown-up grilled cheese served with fresh fruit and waffle fries.  This time I had the chicken, goat cheese, apples, and pecan sandwich, and it was super yummy!  They always have these cute biz cards insize their menus w/ quotes - click to enlarge:

And they always have some sort of crazy art installation they're featuring.  The first time I went, there were 6 stantions with acrylic boxes that enclosed life size dog sculptures encrusted in rhinestones and crystals!  The stantions were in a circular formation around the largest table in the center of the room, and the expressions on the dogs faces, and their body alignments, suggested they were ready to attack.  It was quite crazy!  Here's a pic from that visit:
A few months back the installation was pieces of a NYC taxi cab with all the numbers of each taxi driver in NYC on the bar's back wall.  As the story goes, the owner was in a taxi accident in NYC, and this was his revenge.
This time there were manequin legs suspended from the ceiling with thigh-high stockings and garters.  I'm sorry I didn't snap a pic of that, but you can imagine - very sexy and haute.  :)


  1. I ate at AZ88 once in PHX. It was christmas and they had a big 'tree' in the center of the restaurant.. it was mason jars stacked in a christmas tree shape, and in each jar, was a barbie doll floating in water.... yes they had a christmas tree made up of pickled barbie dolls. I honestly don't remember what I ate. The tree scared me.

  2. Haha, that is SO FUNNY to hear...they have some CRAZY art installations there. Barbie dolls in water...that sounds way cool. Hope they were Malibu Barbies? :)