Saturday, February 20, 2010

My thrift store find today!

Today I had one of my Kerrie Does Dallas days...don't let your mind go there! These are days when I want to wander neighborhoods I haven't been to yet, or check out local dives or shops I've seen as I whiz by, but have never stopped.

I've been on my endless quest to find cake stands and pedestals that are vintage or unique. And today when I stopped by a thrift place that was a lil' junkier than the antique stores I'm usually in, I fell in love w/ this oak chair and it's possibilities. It's an old office desk chair, and I'm gonna' strip it and refurb it. It's in great shape, talked them down to $30.

Now I just have to make up my mind on the stain/color. Do I stain it the same color of the era, or go darker with an ebony stain and satin gloss? Or do I completely paint it in say hi-gloss black, white, or something punchy like orange or lime green???


  1. I vote for high gloss Black for the living room area. If it is not going in there then throw on the retro colors with the retro furniture, girl! Go for the green,limey!

  2. I'm kinda' diggin' the idea of high gloss black too...b/c yes, I think it's going in the living room.

    Thanks! :)