Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My antique store finds this past weekend.

So, in addition to the chair I found, I continued in my search of vintage cake plates and pedestals.

Another customer at a thrift shop suggested Lula B's on lower Greenville.  So that was my next stop, where I found this little jewel.  It's a cute 'lil wood pedestal bowl with lid, made of Myrtle wood.  Not a cake stand, but too cute to pass up!  Will look great on a bookshelf.  $15.

Turns out Lula B's also has a larger shop on Riverfront, which I had already been to a few months back, but didn't realize it was their store at that time.  I returned to see what they might have.  Ricky, one of the vendors at that location, promised to bring me a few cake pedestals if I could come back on Sunday.  So, of course I did, and he had the most unique white milk glass cake pedestal with concentric circle grooves and gold fleur de lis detailing:

I abosolutely adored it!  And I thought it was a nice price at $16.  The while milk glass serving dish next to it I scooped up at Antiques & Architecturals for $10.  Perfect to load up w/ jams and put out at breakfast, or Christmas candies.  It's just too sweet.  :)

Another friend of Ricky's mentioned that he had another cake stand in his car he'd picked up at a recent estate sale.  He ran out, and brought this jewel in, which is a cake pedestal that converts into a punch bowl.  Shut-UP! 

Of course I was loving it.  You simply flip the cake pedestal over, and the glass ball handle of the cake dome fits snuggly into the open base of the pedestal.  This was even in its original Anchor Hocking box, and had some wear/tear, but couldn't pass on it for $15!  I think it's late 70s or early 80s.

I also picked up a an old glass trifle dish at Lula B's for $16, and a large glass cake plate at White Elephant Antiques for $21.  All in all, it was a great haul!

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